Is Pinterest the New E-Commerce Platform?

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If a study by BizRate is to be believed then yes, Pinterest is well on its way to becoming the destination of choice among social shoppers (Marketing Land).

If you think that people use Pinterest mainly to gawk at pictures of stunning landscapes, stunning food and cute animals then you’re right. The study shows that 73% of users hang out on Pinterest for its entertainment (and procrastination) value. But close on entertainment’s heels is shopping – at least shopping for ideas on what to buy. Seventy per cent of members use pins to find inspiration for future purchases; something which is important for marketers to bear in mind as the holiday season approaches.

What’s interesting is that a mere 17% of users are moved to empty their wallets by what they find on Facebook.

In terms of connecting with brands, or at least relating to them, Pinterest also tops Facebook; 43% of Pinterest users make associations with retailers and brands compared to 24% of Facebook users.

If you need another reason to start using Pinterest as a marketing tool consider that the social network is making significant inroads in the mobile market with apps specifically for Android and Apple devices. As the number people set to do their holiday shopping via their mobile devices this year rockets up from 2011, now is a good time to shift your focus to Pinterest and other mobile marketing avenues.

The push has already started

Christopher Heine (Adweek) quotes Jane Carpenter, a media rep for a home furnishings e-retailer in the US, who says that people who come to the site via Pinterest spend 70% more than those who come from other social media platforms.

Heine’s article also cites Chad White, research director for an online marketing firm, who says that Pinterest is the social shopping avenue of choice, and is way more effective at driving sales than Twitter and Facebook.

Given that more women than men use Pinterest (currently) the platform also provides a great way for traditionally masculine brands and products to widen their target audience, especially as women start thinking about what gifts to buy for their husbands, boyfriends, brothers and fathers.

As ever, it’s important that you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Campaigns that are tailored to suit specific social networks are a must as the end-of-year rush begins. As far as Pinterest is concerned, remember that it’s a visual platform, so the more appealing and creative the images you use, the more likely you are to sway people to your side.


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    Sad to think that SA’s largest social network is still mxit haha.

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