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Website navigation and usability tips

We’ve looked at the design mistakes that hurt your website’s usability, now we’ll look at some tips for you to maximise your site’s usability and make navigation a pleasure. Cameron Chapman is my find for this week. She’s a writer and designer and a host of other things, according to her Twitter bio. She’s also […]

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Design tips for mobile search

That mobile search is important is old news. That websites should be specifically designed to cater for mobile is also old news, but it’s often ignored as website owners hope they can get by with their desktop sites. Unfortunately, the mobile web is even more competitive than the traditional one and if users have an […]

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A little insight into rewriting URLs with PHP and Apache

I have recently lost my “URL rewriting virginity”, in that I have set up rewriting for the first time, using apache’s .htaccess file. For those that don’t know, .htaccess is a file kept in the root folder of the site that it will apply to. The file contains rules that affect the behaviour of your […]

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