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Viral Marketing: How to Stack the Odds in Your Favour

Viral content is the holy grail of digital marketing. With one fell swoop, you can increase brand awareness a thousand fold, generate tonnes of traffic, and get untold natural links. All you need is an article, infographic, or video that resonates with the online masses, making them share it again and again and again. Simple. […]

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YouTube = Better ROI

The age of digital marketing is upon us, and it has never been clearer than in this year’s upcoming Super Bowl. With some of the biggest companies in the world wanting to advertise in the coveted half-time spot, the race is on. The contenders The companies that will be advertising include Doritos; Samsung; Apple; Evian; […]

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Crowdsourcing is the new black when it comes to marketing

Crowdsourcing: it’s a scary concept for marketers who are only just getting used to conversations with consumers as opposed to monologues. Crowdsourcing takes the idea of marketing as a two-way conversation a step further. Conversation is still two-way (how could be anything else), but consumers have much more input in the manner in which marketing […]

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E-books and your digital marketing strategy

If you’re bursting with information, and even if you’re not, you might want to consider writing an e-book and integrating it into your overall digital marketing strategy. E-books work because they let you say everything that won’t fit into a blog post. Of course you could distil all your information into a series of posts, […]

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Infographics as marketing tools

Infographics are popular at the moment, particularly as a marketing/link building tool, but they should not be takenlightly. Good infographics are like gold – pretty and shiny and valuable commodities. Shoddy infographics are like lead – boring and dull and not popular among the masses. Good infographics take time and effort to create, and then […]

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Key ideas from the Social Media World Forum Africa (#SMWF)

From the outset, the Social Media World Forum Africa (SMWF) conference was humming with iPads, laptops and smartphones – a frenzy of tweeting, networking and live blogging.  Except for me; rebelliously, I was one of a meagre few armed with pen and pad. The result: 24 pages of barely legible notes. The agenda was geared […]

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