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Social Media: The Case for Business Use

The growth of social media as a business tool has been steady over the past few years. This is partly because it’s difficult to ignore the growing body of evidence that shows exactly how beneficial social media engagement can be, and partly because enough time has passed for nervous Nellies to have learnt how to […]

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Images Rock Social Media

What weapons are currently most effective in the war for consumer attention? It depends where you’re fighting, of course, but it seems that on the social media battleground, compelling images used correctly, give brands and marketers a competitive edge. There is one big reason why images are so powerful and it has to do with […]

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Will or Won’t Tumblr Make it as an Online Marketing Tool?

How seriously do you take Tumblr as an online marketing tool? It seems that Tumblr has divided the online marketing world into three categories: 1)     Those who believe in its marketing power. 2)     Those who don’t believe in its marketing power. 3)     Those who believe in its future marketing power. Building a power-base Towards the […]

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LinkedIn Tweaks its Services to Become More User-Friendly

LinkedIn had a bit of a slow start when compared to other social media networks. You certainly couldn’t call its rise meteoric. Like the tortoise in his race against the speedy hare, it has kept plodding along and is now starting to catch up to the big boys. Its unique selling point has always been […]

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Should Businesses Just Let Their Employees Be on Social Media?

Pick a subject, any subject, any controversial subject. Once you’ve got past religion, politics, and gay marriage you might find your way to social media at the workplace. Ok, so it’s not the most controversial subject in the world, but it causes heated debate in some circles. That’s because no one really knows what to […]

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When Images are Worth More than a Thousand Words

A picture is worth a thousand words, yeah? But, how much are a thousand words worth? If you’re in online marketing, and if you’re reading this then you probably are, you know the value of words.

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