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Content Marketing Has Never
Been More Important

A lot of things go in and out of style in SEO but content never does. And neither does content marketing. In fact, if recent findings and various industry experts are to be believed, content marketing has never been trendier or more important. Consider this: Econsultancy recently published its findings from its State of Search […]

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So, How Do You Do Guest Blogging Properly?

Last week we looked at the furore that erupted when Matt Cutts declared that guest blogging was akin to spam and that guest bloggers were destined for Google Hell. Actually, he didn’t say that bloggers would go to hell but it was strongly implied. As often happens when someone high up in the industry criticises […]

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Guest Blogging Won’t Dig Your SEO Grave – If You Do It Properly

Matt Cutts recently put the fear of god (in the SEO world that means the fear of Google) into digital marketers when he decried the state of guest blogging.

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Building Bridges: Helping SEOs and Their Clients Get Along

It’s one of life’s tragedies that SEO agencies and their clients seldom see eye-to-eye. We look at how SEOs and their clients can work together to ensure that the relationship is genuinely and not just superficially happy.While many client-agency relationships seem cordial on the surface, you can bet dollars to doughnuts that there are plenty of […]

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Will or Won’t Tumblr Make it as an Online Marketing Tool?

How seriously do you take Tumblr as an online marketing tool? It seems that Tumblr has divided the online marketing world into three categories: 1)     Those who believe in its marketing power. 2)     Those who don’t believe in its marketing power. 3)     Those who believe in its future marketing power. Building a power-base Towards the […]

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When Last Did You Assess Your Email Marketing Strategy?

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective forms of digital marketing around, and it delivers spectacular ROI. Yet, it’s still underestimated by many businesses, especially small businesses. Or, perhaps many businesses have tried it, bombed and given up. It’s easy to bomb because if it’s done incorrectly it looks very much like spam. In […]

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