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Who’s Winning the War in Online Advertising?

It’s not online advertisers, that’s for sure. According to statistics released by comScore in June last year, 46% of online display adverts are never seen by website visitors – at least the human kind. It seems that one of the biggest problems online advertisers face is ad fraud – ads are viewed but not by […]

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Adwords Enhanced Campaigns: More Work, More Planning, More ROI

By now we should be getting used to Google’s constant updates and changes. Recently, a lot of those changes have had to do with search, and they’ve left a lot of SEOs panicking. Now, it’s turned its attention to ads, specifically the growing market for display ads on mobile devices. It’s called Adwords Enhanced Campaigns […]

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SEO Remains Best Lead Generator for B2B and B2C Marketers

SEO is your best long-term online marketing strategy and PPC works best over the short-term. That’s how it’s always been. Social media has been sexy and attention grabbing but SEO and PPC are the old standbys. Until now, that is. A recent article by Matt McGee (Search Engine Land) suggests that while SEO is still […]

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SEO is always the trump card

As someone who started her career in digital marketing with a crash course in SEO, I’m a loyal believer in its intrinsic benefits. I know PPC is great and social media marketing is the current trendy channel of choice, but I keep coming back to SEO and the necessity of having a properly optimised website […]

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Online marketers will survive recessions

The entire world is talking about the possibility of a double dip recession. Economic powerhouses are conducting surveys in their droves and each one seems to deliver a different result. For instance, a poll by CNBC showed that 53% of respondents believe a double dip recession is on the way. According to the BofA (Bank […]

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PPC ad writing 101

There is an art to writing effective PPC ads. It’s not as simple as sticking to the 25-character headline, two 35-character description and 35-character display URL limits. Although, truth be told, sticking to the character limits is an art itself. There are a number of things you need to keep in mind when drafting PPC […]

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