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Blogging Live in 3 … 2 … 1

Do you take advantage of all the benefits that live blogging has to offer? If not, maybe it’s time you figured out how to get on the bandwagon. According to a recent report by City University London’s Journalism School, live blogs get 300% more views that plain old news articles that cover the same event […]

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The Evolution of Online PR

Way back when, in the dark ages of SEO, online PR was an advertorial disguised as a press release that was uploaded to various distribution sites while the authors held their thumbs. The idea was that journalists would see the piece and be so enamoured with it that they immediately published it on their internationally […]

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How Clint Eastwood Boosted Barack Obama’s Reputation

By now you know about Clint Eastwood’s delightful speech at the Republican National Convention. Delightful being a relative term. It was a delight from an observer’s point of view thanks to its entertainment value, but a little less so for anyone playing an active role in Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. You know how it went: […]

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Twitter Trolls and Twaddle Mar Social Olympics

The London Olympic Games has been called the Social Olympics because a lot of social media campaigning and advertising has been going on and because athletes and fans are expected to flood the ether with real-time comments and reviews. And boy, have they. We’re barely four (official) days into the Games and already athletes, journalists […]

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The Dangers of Waging War Online – Lessons from The Oatmeal

If you have a sense of humour and you spend a portion of your week online you’ve probably come across The Oatmeal. It’s a spectacularly satirical, occasionally crass, always entertaining website featuring comics drawn by Matthew Inman. All I know about Inman is what I’ve read on The Oatmeal, from which I have taken the […]

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Social media vanity URLs and online PR

For businesses, social media is a battlefield. Attention is a prized commodity and brand awareness is invaluable. You need to play every trick in the book (and then some) to ensure that people know how to find you quickly and easily, that your reputation remains intact and that people relate to and interact with your […]

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