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Mozcation 2013: a Hit!

We at Mediatorr feel pretty humbled having SEOMoz in Cape Town, our home city. We had the pleasure of meeting a few Mozzers face to face.

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Could You Wait Two Days for Someone to Review Your Tweet?

If you’re at all concerned with online censorship then you should definitely be concerned about this: Apparently, the US State Department wants to change its staff communications policy in a way that will severely restrict social media interaction, blogging and other writing, including speeches (Washington Post). The changes will also apply to all public speaking […]

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Monday Morning Roundup: Latest Search Headlines (Dec 3 2012)

Breaking the news headlines in the past week is Bing’s Scroogled Campaign against Google shopping. Once, Google fought against paid inclusion programmes and now it embraces them. The Scroogled Campaign is considered a wakeup call to raise awareness that Google shopping results are pay-to-rank and not natural. And while Bing exposes Google’s questionable shopping results and […]

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Monday Morning Roundup: Latest Search Headlines (Nov 26 2012)

Making headlines in the past week: The Launch of Bing Webmaster guidelines and Webinars. The guidelines cover a wide range of topics and, above all, they are designed to help find your content and get you indexed in Bing’s search engine. Here are some of the topics covered in the guidelines: ·         Content – Bing encourages […]

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Tuesday Morning Roundup: Latest Social Headlines (Nov 20th 2012)

There is a rumour circulating the cyber world that Marissa Mayer, Yahoo!’s chief executive, has been in discussions with Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer of Facebook, about the possibility of them working together. This would not be a first, as they have previously collaborated on a number of smaller projects, like Yahoo! news showing […]

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Monday Morning Roundup: Latest Search Headlines (Nov 19 2012)

Making headlines in the past week: The Chinese Block Google Search, Gmail, Google+, Maps and more Google services. China’s Communist Party, which is always sensitive about news, blocked the site during its 18th Party Congress. According to Search Engine Land, the block was only temporary, lasting about 12 hours. In other news, Google has reported that government […]

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