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Content Marketing Has Never
Been More Important

A lot of things go in and out of style in SEO but content never does. And neither does content marketing. In fact, if recent findings and various industry experts are to be believed, content marketing has never been trendier or more important. Consider this: Econsultancy recently published its findings from its State of Search […]

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Would You Trust an Outsource Blogger?

You know that blogging is essential to your business, right? Right? It regularly adds fresh content to your website, it attracts an interested audience, it increases your credibility as an industry expert, and it helps you engage directly with the blog reading public. But, it’s time consuming, and it takes time to attract a crowd […]

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Blogging for the Future – Blogging Forever

Do you doubt the effectiveness of blogs in today’s Facebook and Twitter-orientated world? Blogs aren’t new, they aren’t trendy and they don’t grab attention like headlines that pit Facebook against Google or that give tips on how to maximise your presence on Pinterest. What blogs are, is effective. According to Scott Wyden Kivowitz (Social Media […]

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Beginners Guide to SEO Copywriting

Writing copy for websites can be tricky because writers have to please picky visitors and picky search engines – and it’s a toss-up which is pickier. You’ll often find that website owners get hold of a couple of articles on the importance of keywords and then use them with great determination. You get paragraphs that […]

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WordPress User Guide

With just a little bit of technical know-how, anyone can set up a website. Even those without a background in web development and design can figure out what to do.

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To Guest Post or Not to Guest Post?

Google’s gone update mad and search engine marketers are scampering to keep up. Black hatters are being shown the door and white hatters are watching them leave in smug satisfaction. Some of them at least because, as was bound to happen, some black hatters are still gaming the system and some white hatters have been […]

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