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Mozcation 2013: a Hit!

We at Mediatorr feel pretty humbled having SEOMoz in Cape Town, our home city. We had the pleasure of meeting a few Mozzers face to face.

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Conversion optimisation is essential to initial conversion growth

Starting a corporate website is fraught with difficulties. There are a host of factors to consider, all of which need to be done correctly if you want to achieve your conversion goals. For instance, you need to get the design spot-on, you need killer content, you need top-notch SEO, you need to make your site […]

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Call tracking conversion analytics gets even more high-tech

Google analytics allows you to gauge the success of online marketing campaigns to determine conversion rate and ROI. What it doesn’t do is allow you to follow customers as they take information gleaned online offline. For instance, they can visit your contact page – which could be an online conversion goal – but analytics can’t […]

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10 Tips to increase your mobile conversion rate

Mobile is the place to be. Everyone is talking about. There is a lot of debate among high-powered SEOs about how best to approach mobile SEO. Whichever school of thought you adhere to, you want to at least ensure that mobile versions of your site convert optimally. Currently mobile search doesn’t have a particularly good […]

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SEO Demystified

How SEO works Search Engine Optimisation is a very simple concept: it ensures your website is easy to find whenever someone types in a relevant search query. So, if you own a self-catering establishment in Cape Town and you want to catch the attention of local and international tourists, you’ll want to appear for the […]

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Overhaul your copywriting for rocketing conversions

You conversion rate measures how successfully you transform website window-shoppers into bona fide customers. This doesn’t necessarily translate into sales. Your conversion goal could simply be to increase newsletter subscriptions or generate free quotes. A landing page is the first page that web users see after clicking a link to get to your website. It […]

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